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Tacoma Personal Trainer- A Letter to Love.

From Tacoma Personal Trainer- Isaac Ho Busy days! It’s OK. I like it that way. However I was remiss to miss sharing with you about one of my favorite topics. love, especially as Valentines day was Thursday. Love. How strange you are…I have experienced you many times and each time you feel different and show […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- Talks 9-11

It’s your friendly Tacoma Personal Trainer,  We had a great BBQ on Sunday. I want to thank everyone who helped us consume and take home 112 pieces of BBQ chicken. We had a great time, eating, drinking, eating some more…some drank some more…socializing and enjoying the company of our BeFit Family! Today, I guess you could call […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer- Don’t Be Offended

Tacoma Personal Trainer-Three Stages of Strength Hey there, it’s your handicapped and immobile Tacoma personal trainer. As this is a blog site, I will actually blog and not just write articles on motivation or how to work out. Recently, I actually put out quite a few articles maybe four to six but they’re going to […]

Tacoma Weight Loss Expert Breaks His Foot

Tacoma Weight Loss Expert Has An Accident Hey guys! It’s your friendly, yet temporarily disabled Tacoma weight loss expert, Isaac! I was trying to figure out more artful ways to channel my athleticism than simply bench pressing and back squats so I did some parallel bar research yesterday afternoon. The third site on google for […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer Breaks Down How To Be Sexy

Most people start a personal training program for a much more obvious reason than “they know it’s good for them”. It revolves around “looking good naked” or ” sex appeal”. And though you might think this is an obvious reasons few trainers seem to address an important problem with that idea. There are tons of […]

Rainy Days

It’s a hard rainy day outside. I heard this piece from Chopin. Chopin is my favorite. I decided to learn this piece today and though it wasn’t my best take I hope by listening to it you will see the beauty in all the rainy days.   Rainy Days are Beautiful     Dedicated to […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer Secret to Success

Tacoma Personal Trainer Isaac Shares The Secret to Success  As a Tacoma personal trainer on my journey towards being one of the the best trainers in the world it’s been a work in progress. I started when I was 17 years old and it’s been quite the journey. I was telling one of my personal […]

Let me play piano for you

This was a busy week for your friendly Tacoma personal trainer. I try to post mostly training or life related things on Isaacbefitlife but every now and then I feel like it’s national Isaac takes a break day. Time to recharge. I was reading the book “ The Charge” by Brendon Burchard about the kind of […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer My Number One Mistake

Tacoma Personal Trainer You Lack Motivation! Hi! It’s your friendly Tacoma Personal Trainer and I wanted to talk about something that’s been on my mind for a while now; something  more important than talking about techniques or science. The topic is motivation. What’s the difference between motivation and inspiration? Inspiration lasts a second — Motivation lasts […]

Tacoma Personal Trainer Be Real

Tacoma Personal Trainer Let’s Be Real The other day I was with my friend Renton Personal Trainer Luka Hocevar hanging out with some of the top fitness professionals in the world having dinner in Bellevue and we were talking about what makes people successful. When it boils down to it it’s all about being real. Real […]