From Lakewood Personal Trainer Isaac Ho

Oh Halloween! This post is coming to you after the said day because everyone was too busy watching their kids making sure they didn’t get kidnapped while they went door to door to ask for edible items from strangers.  Boot camp class count was lower because everyone with kids was busy dressing their little girls up like princesses before they grow up and dress up like “sexy school girls”.

The cold hard fact of life. 

I guess I’ve never thought about it like that until this moment, which begs the question if I have kids one day, would ever be able to see my little girl dress up like a stripper showing up to a bachelor party. NO. She’s totally grounded.

Little princess will want a different costume when she turns 21 trust me!

I haven’t been doing much dressing up in my life. I can only remember distinctly two Halloweens in my life and I’m going to share one of them with you here.

When I was in middle school. Shaved head, chunky, and I like to think super cute. The ladies who cleaned my teeth always teased me about having chapped lips because I was busy kissing all the cute girls in my school. Truth is I would have settled for a conversation and maybe a hug. Chocolates if you had them.

My Uncle was nice enough to take us trick or treating, yes, I had parents but they must have been too busy doing parenting things to take us trick or treating. I didn’t really have a costume but of course I wanted some candy swag so I looked through my closet found a suit that I had for piano recitals and grabbed an old briefcase downstairs.

BOOM! I was the business man! Pretty soon I realized that was pretty boring so when people asked me what I was, I told them I was an IRS agent. People gave up candy and declared me the scariest thing they’d seen all night. I can’t blame them. Nothing like going through old receipts…death by boredom is probably worse than having Freddy come after you.

This or sorting receipts you decide

Funny thing about my IRS briefcase is it was pretty heavy. I mean for a little kid, there’s heavy, but imagine carrying this briefcase all around downtown Gig Harbor for hours and a candy bucket in your other hand. Didn’t take long for me to figure out in order for the IRS man to make his rounds he was going to have to switch hands almost every door.

We managed to collect a decent amount of candy, nothing spectacular, I heard rumors of kids saying this and that neighborhood was handing out king size candy bars…..or “She let me take as much as I wanted so I grabbed ten huge handfuls!” WHATEVER KID! Stop trying to make me feel bad that you got more candy! We aren’t even going to eat all this, you’re just trying to one up me. It’s like when two guys talk about how much they bench press.

” I did 315 for one, it was kind of hard I hurt my shoulder the other day while I was saving a kitten from a tree.”

” That’s pretty good man, I could only do 310 for 3 since I only have one arm that I lost putting out a rain forest fire when I was four years old.”

Let the one upping begin….

In the end we all got candy! Calm down!

When we got home, I found I had some sore neck muscles, muscles that I would later know to be “traps” but I had candy. I also opened my IRS business brief case to find that I had been touting around about 45lbs of real estate books, VHS’s, and CD binders. Obviously, my dad’s stuff. My parents always offered to buy us candy on Halloween, they had no interest in taking us trick or treat. We had no interest in just taking candy.

Trick or treating is about the experience, the journey, lugging around a 45lbs briefcase in a business suit in middle school and earning your candy. Like any good movie the end is not worth watching without the beginning, and even if you caught the start and the end you’d be remiss to not see the middle. Your fitness journey is no different. Fat loss is the candy, there are a ton of way to get it. But the hard work you put into the journey is more than just buying it at the store. It’s earning, becoming, changing, and proving to yourself that you are the ROCK.

Sometimes the briefcase gets heavy but you keep on trick or treating.

Lakewood personal trainer-Isaac Ho signing off!

BeFit and stop handing out candy!





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