Hey there, it’s Tacoma fitness trainer, Isaac! In part one I shared some strategies on shopping for a Tacoma fitness program. Here in part two, I’m going to share with you how to use some more advanced strategies for advanced shopping tactics. Once you get pass the basics such as, taking the focus off of name brands, concentrating on fit, and choosing timeless over trendy, you are ready for the next step.  Let’s add some spice to life.

Do I really need contrast cuffs?

I’m a sucker for contrast cuffs. If I can roll up the sleeve and there’s a different pattern on the cuff, I am in heaven. Sport shirts make me feel like I live in California and the days of jackets are long gone! Try to find a quality contrast cuff shirt for less than 50 dollars. It’s almost impossible if they’re not on sale. I know I want something unique and a bit more extravagant, and I know there is going to be an additional cost for it. If you don’t want contrast cuffs on your shirt, you can get a DKNY shirt from JC Penny for a lot less! If you don’t know what you want in a Tacoma fitness program, you’re probably going to buy something that you don’t want or purchase something that doesn’t have what you want. Some people want to do chin ups; others just want to lose weight. Some people want to learn Olympic lifts and rings for a personal challenge, while others would rather figure out how to get that last five pounds off. Determine what you want in your Tacoma fitness trainer and budget accordingly. Not everyone needs contrast cuffs.

Is it a woven or knit?

Most people don’t know that almost all tops can be split into wovens or knits. Wovens are sewed tighter and tend to lack elasticity. The advantage is they don’t wrinkle. Knits on the other hand are much softer and tend to fit around you much better. Think of a soft sweater that makes you look sleek compared to a thick sweater that never seems to move. When Tacoma fitness trainers put together their programs they know there is only so much room to modify things before you go from group training to personal training. My personal favorite combination is to combine a knit with a woven. Train in a less flexible generic program and also do a tailored program built specifically for you. Then you get the best of both worlds. You get the confidence of knowing you match the certain level of a program and you address your own individual short comings. It’s also a smart way to dress and a secret of material most people don’t know!

Do I want to wear this 20 years from now?

I never got tattoos. Someone I knew well had a lot of ink, and I asked her, “Do you want that on you when you’re 80?” She said, “I’ll have bigger problems than that when I’m 80.” Point taken. Much of the clothes I bought in my early 20′s was pretty much stuff I’d probably only wear in my 20′s. Choosing a Tacoma fitness trainer is similar. You’ll want to know the person you’re training with is someone you can be with in the long run. They should match your personality but also your intensity. If the intensity is too high and you couldn’t see yourself doing it down the road, you may not be a great fit in the long term. Many clients always told me, they were investing in me as a person as well as the belief in my philosophy. It’s absolutely true. And years later we are all still training together and learning together. Think long term before buying a piece and think long term about your Tacoma fitness trainer. What is their continued work ethic, outlook, personality, mannerism, and intensity like?

Beware of the Sale.

There is such thing as a sale, but no one has a sale forever, and if they do it means they’re doing something wrong. I can tell you Nordstrom has two sales a year: Anniversary and Half Yearly. They will still mark things down throughout the year, but most of their best items never see the light of a mark down. Macy’s has a sale every weekend. One of the big differences between Nordstrom and Macy’s is the customer service. Nordstrom is legendary for their customer service and quality. That’s why they are my go-to store! Have I had a few poor experiences at Nordstrom? Sure, but it’s usually a stock problem; their good moments far outweigh their poor ones. Sale items are priced to move; sometimes stores do it to clear out what people don’t want and other times they do it to be nice. I offerBeFit“sales” maybe twice a year for my fitness program. We will run daily deals for the purpose of encouraging people to change their lives because the price is right. Our regular rates rarely go on sale unless it’s my birthday or an anniversary. You can say I’m a lot like Nordstrom; we have two sales a year and they’re not to clear inventory.

I’ll Take It

When you pick a Tacoma fitness trainer you’ll need to keep more than just the fit in mind. You have to think longevity, combinations of material and programs, as well as gauge the total popularity of the program and customer service. I absolutely love to shop and these are all things I think of when making a purchase and adding anything to my wardrobe. They say people don’t wear clothes that don’t reflect or represent who they are on the outside. Working with a Tacoma fitness trainer is the same way. You want to find a trainer that reflects the values, intensity, qualities, and timelessness that you desire in your own life. One of my biggest regrets in my wardrobe was following trends and ignoring staples as well as going for sales and not going for quality. Use these advanced tactics to avoid the same pitfalls I made as well as building your fit life that reflects the shopping master you are!

BeFit and BeStylish


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