It’s your friendly Tacoma boot camp instructor. Oh man, I’m excited!  I get my cast cut off and all this itching and crutching around will be over with! I learned a lot from my time with my crutches. Sunday, I took a journey down my stairs and went to room to get some things: my watch, some clothes to give to a friend, some papers, and DVD’s. I marveled at how beautiful my room looked and how comfy my bed was.. ah…the old familiar paces that had been my routine until the accident. One of my mentors who made the biggest impact in my life is Martin Rooney. He always preached the concept ” Act As If”. If you act like how you want to be, you will become it, for good or for bad. Sitting around in bed and around my house has certainly had me acting “As if” I was lazy. In return I have been very lazy! If you act like someone who sits in bed and does nothing, you will become someone who sits in bed and does nothing.  September I’m going to hit the ground running hard, not only in exercise, nutrition, and business but in all aspects of tightening up my life.  I hope you’re ready to join me and the other at BeFit Tacoma boot camp working double overtime next week! That being said here’s the coaching lessons for this week.

tacoma boot camp on crutches

Got Some Baggage

Baggage has such a negative connotation, ” That girl has some serious baggage!”. I can tell you that baggage isn’t always a good thing but I realized that everyone picks up baggage in life. Think about life as a constant journey. You travel to one place and then fly to another without ever stopping. The whole process you are acquiring items and experiences, all this “Baggage’. If you traveled to all these places and had nothing to show for it then I’d be concerned. Baggage is not always a bad thing. We all have baggage but it’s how you travel with your baggage that determines the success you have in life and the kind of person you become. I have my training partner and buddy, Robert, for letting me run this idea and many more to him while we work out at BeFit Tacoma boot camp. All the best thoughts I get are while I’m training with that guy mostly while we’re sucking wind in between a push and pull superset.

Tacoma boot camp you got baggage

Stick with the Plan

Tacoma boot camp nutrition accountabilityThat’s probably the simplest things you could ever say to someone. Especially if you’re a bank robber, ” Just stick with the plan man!”. Of course, it’s a lot easier said than done. If you stuck with the plan you’d probably be right where you wanted to be in life instead of regretting things. Too often we talk ourselves out of what we want in the long run for the temporary. Thing about all those New Year Resolutions, how many of those plans got executed…not too many.  I swear I’ve had so many great ideas and plans fleshed out and a few months later it looked like I didn’t even start the process. What happened? I didn’t stick to the plan. If you could stick to every plan you set you’d probably have everything in life you wanted. Diet plan, financial plan, workout plan, vacation plan stick with it all for……delayed gratification! I guess that’s part of being human and giving into your emotions.

You don’t stick to the plan and you give up what you want for the moment for what you really want. I’m guilty….but I can tell you when I feel myself drifting away from what I really want for what I want in the moment I’ll simply take a second, breathe deep, and remind myself ” Isaac stick to the plan.” My biggest crutch is eating out. I do love to eat out and not only does it have a negative impact on my wallet but also on my waist line. How do I fix this? Post my food to my BeFit Tacoma boot camp eating page on facebook so I can stay accountable with all my great boot campers.


It’s Complicated


Life is a bit more complicated than we think isn’t it. Complicated by Avril Lavigne swept the nation when I was growing up in high school and then all of a sudden life started to get more complicated as well! When I broke my fibula I thought ” I’ll work this good leg and train the other leg on machines so I don’t lose muscle size in my legs. I found out very quickly, muscle size on my legs weren’t as important to me as my ability to walk. I’ve never been a guy who’s though, “My legs are so big I don’t fit my pants…GOAL!” I have however been able to do walking lunges across the gym with eighty pound dumbbells in each hand and a side effect of that was outgrowing some pants. If you asked me what was more important having big legs or being able to move weight I’d tell you moving weight. Even though I could have  sat on those machines and kept my leg size up  this last four weeks, I really had no interest in doing something I’d never do again. So I simply didn’t. I trained my good leg a few times and a lot of upper body but didn’t attack the lower body too much. It’s complicated but what may have value to some, muscle size, had very little value to me. Performance and quality movement have more value to me and very little value to others. Many times what has value to some people holds no values to others. A funny thing I found is what I valued at one point of my life had little or no value later; you may find it’s always changing. There is a constant pattern to what people desire though and I try to keep it in mind when I decided where to invest my time and resources.

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BeFit Tacoma Boot Camp Coaching Lesson Wrap Up

We all have baggage but it’s those that can travel well with it that are the envy of others. We all have bigger plans and dreams and want something bigger but it’s those that can ” Stick to the plan” that get those things. We all have things we place value on but often times we realize what they are too late. You’ll never realize how important your health is to you until you don’t have it anymore. I’ve worked with countless Tacoma boot camp and personal training clients and they all tell me the exact same thing. Having insured my low back, shoulder, and now broken a leg I can tell you nothing comes before your health.

Tacoma boot camp instructor take it off

I’m literally off to get my cast off now. I’ll have a video and blog post for you on this ” Club Foot”, my name for the cast. It’s been a nice four weeks of sitting back but I’m ready to sit at my big monitor with my full size keyboard and my ikea chair and get after the work world again. I’m ready to wake up earlier, do more, and be more to people. The things you have and the blessings you receive are just a measure of the amount you bless others. I find when I’m not actively working on a bigger picture to bless others, I find myself in a very self centered mood. I’m a little scared of the saw they use to cut the cast off so wish me luck! This is your Tacoma boot camp instructor signing off!

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