Hey it’s Isaac, your friendly Tacoma weight loss coach, today I wanted to share a few weight loss secrets that I use with my clients. Every week, I name my BeFit Tacoma boot camp workouts something different, in an effort to help share my thoughts on how to improve your life. Your fitness, health, and your Tacoma weight loss journey should all come together to make your life happier, add smiles to your day, and most importantly a sense of joy. I equate fitness and the lifestyle that surrounds it like love. Love makes everything better and your exercise program should do the same as well. Often times I’ve met great coaches and trainers who were very knowledgeable but didn’t necessarily impact my life and the biggest reason was they couldn’t get me excited about trying their techniques or bringing what they suggested into my life. Today, I’m going to give you three very real things to I and my Tacoma weight loss clients all agree make our lives the cat’s meow!.
Tacoma weight loss MEOW!

Happy Labor Daze

No, that’s not a typo. Did you ever realize that four day weekends put you into a haze? This weekend, if you are like most people, you probably didn’t work too late Friday night, had the weekend off, and Monday is national raid the stores for Tacoma weight loss smartbarbecue supplies day. That’s a nice four days to eat and pig out. Guess how many people did that? Almost everyone. I know I did and you can probably name a few people who did as well. The truth is time as Einstein said is relative, we pick when to take an extra day off and eat a ton of food. I mean if you had a schedule where you only worked one or two days a week you probably would eat all the time. I have some clients who fly everywhere on a company tab and can’t help themselves from going crazy when they stop at every restaurant. On the other hand, I have clients who don’t even work, are millionaires, and they don’t over feed themselves ever! We all make the choices to eat well or eat poorly. Holidays, situations, times, all those things are irrelevant. The truth is we get stuck in a haze that contributes to the idea today is a good time to do this or that when we know normally we wouldn’t or shouldn’t. Imagine if you were stuck in this haze all the time. Would you eat like its labor day every day?  To be successful you have to see through the haze!


To be successful at reaching your Tacoma weight loss goals you do NOT need to hate food. I love food. It’s not food that’s the problem it’s learning to have discipline. Food is beautiful. I know I’m going to sound like a complete fatty here but from someone who was once very overweight life is better with food. It’s also better with exercise. The key is finding a perfect mix of both. Learning to prepare foods you love in a way that isn’t going to make you gain weight if you constantly eat it is an art and knowing which foods you’ll have to eat after a workout and sparingly is a science. You need science and art to cook and you need the same thing to be successful at losing weight. I’m a big fan of the Pixar movies, Toy Story will always be my favorite, but Ratatouile is pretty grand. If you haven’t seen it yet you need to march down to your local best buy and watch it tonight! The film is a grand tale of a rat with a very keen sense of smell which allows him to combine flavors and cook in a way that makes him the best chef in Paris. If you love food as much as I do it’s an amazing story. Here’s a little cheat guide on how to eat like a king but stay lean like a queen, even if you like food as much as I do. Most of it revolves around timing but some foods you will have to eat sparingly.Watch this wonderful cute clip with the adorable French song and then I’ll teach you some nice little eating tricks!



Pasta, rices, breads, sugar, grains= After a workout

Vegetables= Anytime

Steaks, seafood, chicken, Lamb, Beef, Bison- Anytime

Heavy sauces, deep fried items, champagne, wine, beer, ciders= sparingly

Here’s an example of some of my favorite foods and how I use this guide. Fish tacos have grains, fish, and vegetables, this makes them a combination of anytime and after a workout. Which means I’ll have it after a workout. Donuts, yes I do love donuts, this is a combination of deep fried, bread, and sugar which is all pretty much sparingly. That means I can’t eat it all the time. Steak nachos, the more I write the more I realize I love Mexican food; anyway, steak Nachos are going to be a combination of grains, vegetables, and of course…STEAK! That’s going to be after a workout. If you’re having a lot of extra things like sour cream and beer with your meal than that goes into the sparingly combo. A good cook always says, ” the secret is the ingredients”. The same is true if you’re trying to lose weight, what are the ingredients in your food and where do they fall on the above list is going to determine your weight loss.

This Sunday

This Sunday is our BeFit Tacoma get together party! Yes, our Tacoma weight loss studio throws parties and we eat food. This Sunday we’re having a BBQ so we can all sit back and hang out. My favorite part about being a personal trainer is getting to know my clients and hearing how fitness helps them with not just their health but all the aspects of their lives. Most doctors go into private practice to get to know their patients better; I would say most personal trainers are the same. I’m looking forward to hanging out and eating some delicious BBQ chicken! Robert, my super does it all buddy , actually used to work at Kentucky fried chicken so he knows how to BBQ some mean chicken! Last year, when he cooked the chicken, I almost had a heart attack it was so good! It’s not heart attack chicken…like it’s so bad for you that you have a heart attack, he just knows how to cut it so it cooks just right! We’re also getting ready for our Back to School Transformation Contest which is going to be a great time to join BeFit if you haven’t started yet! I’ll have more details this week and Saturday about it. Finally, this Sunday we are saying goodbye to my BFF and loyal bromance partner Coach Nic. Nic is joining the Navy and getting ready to go to basic with his goal of going back to Korea ,where he will send me popsicles and other tasty treats every week! Nic has been my right hand man for so long I can’t believe he’s going! His stories of Korea make me want to sneak into his luggage but I know that I’ll visit him some day and see those amazing malls and buffets he always speaks of. Look for an ode to Nic blog post in the new few weeks.

Tacoma weight loss coach Nic

Coach Nic and I Best Friends Forever

Tacoma Weight Loss Coach Wraps it Up

 They always say the busier you stay the faster life seems to pass you by. For some reason, I feel the opposite happens. The more I sit around and do nothing or take a leisurely pace, the more it seems the world passes me by ,yet nothing in my own life changes. It’s almost like watching everyone moving super fast while you stay stagnant. Can you believe it’s September? There are only four months left in the year to accomplish everything you said you would do this year. I know for me, having my birthday directly on January 1st, every new year is literally a new year for me and I have to weigh and measure my progress by that. Four months to go! It’s time to get hustling! What are your goals for the next four months? You gonna make them or make excuses?

BeFit and BeMovingForward




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